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Sheaves for Christ

Sheaves for Christ is a fund raising program of the General Youth Division of the United Pentecostal Church International. Since its inception in 1952, over $88 million dollars have been raised to help a variety of needs.

The demands of our generation are great. We must respond.We must invest in the emerging generation of World Changers. American author, poet and philosopher Henry David Thoreau said, “The world is but a canvas to the imagination.” Many of us face financial challenges and have financial obligations that consume our resources. However, whatever you give, no matter how big or small…when combined with the giving of others, help to paint a masterpiece. The world needs more of these types of artists…
Here are a few ways that your giving will impact the world:

Bible Quizzing

The General Youth Division is proud to sponsor two levels of quizzing. The Intermediate Division is open to 12 – 14 year olds and the Experienced Division involves 15 – 18 year olds. In addition to this, the Youth Division produces several quizzing resources that assist teams in preparing for competitions on the district and national level.

Apostolic Youth Corps

Apostolic Youth Corps (AYC) facilitates the pairing of ministry-minded Pentecostal youth with North American and international sites which need and/or desire evangelism assistance. AYC provides evangelism opportunities within North America or international sites for various durations ranging from 7-14 days and long term assignments that range from 4-9 months.

The Commune-ity Meeting

Formerly known as the North American Youth Workers Convention, The Commune-ity Meeting is a conference geared toward empowering youth pastors and youth workers with biblically sound and relevant teaching. This multi-sensory youth conference inspires, informs and equips youth workers with instruction and resources to impact their local ministries. Visit for information regarding this youth ministry experience!
District Projects

Forty percent of the earned SFC offering is retained in the local district to assist the funding of various projects for young people. This offering helps subsidize campground projects, Youth Conventions, PK Retreats and Young Married Seminars.

North American Youth Congress

North American Youth Congress (NAYC) is the premier youth conference of the United Pentecostal Church. Thousands of young people attend this meeting and are exposed to inspiring preaching, teaching, singing and great fellowship! NAYC takes place biannually in a city in North America and is anticipated with much excitement by young people, and youth workers of the UPCI.

The Conqueror

Pentecostal teens can read about culturally relevant issues from a biblical perspective in this magazine produced exclusively by the General Youth Division. Young people are often the authors of the articles in this publication in addition to seasoned youth workers, pastors and contributors. This year, The Conqueror will undergo a makeover that will make it an even better magazine!

Foreign Missions

Without reliable transportation, many of our missionaries would not be able to spread the Gospel into areas that have rough terrain or are far from their homes. Over 17 million dollars has been given to the Foreign Mission Division to purchase vehicles for missionaries. Why? Because no missionary should have to forfeit evangelizing their field of burden because of insufficient transportation. For more information about the Foreign Missions Division, visit

Home Missions

One of the biggest challenges for a home missionary is purchasing or renovating property in order to have adequate facilities for church services. SFC provides grants of up to $10,000 to assist home missionaries in purchasing property. This is just another way that SFC helps to expand revival across North America. Visit for more information.

Media Missions

In an era where radio stations and radio personalities can attract millions of listeners, the Media Missions Division endeavors to reach the world by spreading the Gospel over the airwaves to a listening audience of millions. SFC funds help to bring the message to millions in many regions of the world. Plenty of information about the Media Missions Division is available on .

Christian Education

Many young people feel a calling into ministry and a desire to prepare for ministry by attending Bible College. Some students face challenges in raising finances for tuition. Fortunately, SFC has given over $850,000 to provide scholarships to qualified young people seeking to train themselves for working in the kingdom of God. Funds raised from SFC are also used to sponsor a summer retreat for the staff members of our Bible colleges. Visit\education for information about the ministry of the Division of Education.


Tupelo Children’s Mansion

The result of the dissolution of the nuclear family has resulted in the shattering of many young lives. With many young people subject to the problems that a broken home produces, Tupelo Children’s Mansion provides a place of solace for those who have been abandoned and abused. The General Youth Division is thrilled to partner with TCM by providing funds that support this vital ministry. For more information about Tupelo Children’s Mansion, please visit

Lighthouse Ranch for Boys

The purpose of Lighthouse Ranch is to heal the broken lives of young men. This healing is accomplished through therapeutic guidance methods and by the Word of God. Through the spirit of love and caring, The Lighthouse Ranch has helped steer troubled boys toward living responsible and mature lives. Visit for more information.

Spirit of Freedom Ministries

According to a recent U.S. News and World Report, almost one third of high school students take their first drink before the age of 14, while 20 percent of teens binge drink by the ninth grade. By the 12th grade, more than 80 percent have drunk alcohol. As a result of this, many young adults are being strangled by the ugly tentacles of alcoholism.

Spirit of Freedom Ministries is a nonprofit Christian organization dedicated to reaching the chemically dependent and their families with the answer to their alcohol or drug related problems, offering materials and toll-free phone lines to assist men, women and children across North America who desire help. Log on to for more information about the ways this ministry helps rescue families from the damaging effects of alcohol.